Yorkdale Movers

Storage Services

At Yorkdale Movers, we offer storage services for every situation. Our storage services are entirely different from renting local storage. From packing items from your home to transporting them to our storage, everything will be done by our team. This means you don’t have to stress about packing or loading things into the vehicles at all. Our staff will do all the work for you. After reading about your new home, we ensure the safe delivery of your items to the desired location. We mainly focus on providing the best storage services in Yorkdale. Here are some points that ensure our clients that we are the best when it comes to storage services-

Decluttering the listed items 

We will help to eliminate the listed from your home and we do this by decluttering those items and placing them into a separate box. Our professional moving team will reach your place and remove unwanted items from your home quickly when you are considering a move. We’ll handle the stress and help sell the items that can help make money by selling those items. 

Short-term Storage During Moving

When you are in the process of moving to a new apartment and looking for a place to store your household items into it for a limited period of time, We can offer you the best and most secure storage solutions. We’ll take the items from your old home, pack them properly and move them safely to our storage facility. When you need them afterward, we will deliver them to your new home quickly. 

Clean and Maintained Storage Facility 

We offer clean storage space for keeping your belongings in an organized manner.  Our team works efficiently to ensure that all storage units are in great condition and do pest infestation to prevent units from pests or any potential hazards. Our storage facility is well-equipped with climate control systems so that items will remain safe at a controlled temperature. We make storage safe and easy. Contact us to get storage discounts when you are looking to move to a new home.